Top 10 Jump Ropes In The World - Written by Dr, Jane Roberts

Top 10 BEST Jump Ropes For All 

Budgets And Needs 

Wednesday, July 15th

Written by: Dr. Jane Roberts, 

From early history jump rope has been an integral workout for people. From professional mma fighters and boxers to NBA players to casual users who are just looking for an effective and fun workout. Dating back to the egyptin times you can see why so many people have decided to start jump roping. Jumping rope for just twenty to thirty minutes per day is an intense cardio workout that can help you burn hundreds of calories and develop strength and tone your legs, butt, and arms without having to use fancy machinery or even go to the gym at all. But with that Of course many companies have decided to sell jump ropes. As a person looking to start jump roping, deciding what to pick can be very difficult, even as someone who already has a jump rope the thought that the jump rope you're using might not be the best can be a scary thought.

Research shows that the better the quality of jump rope you us the more effective your workout will be, IN FACT doing the same 30 minute workout with a cheap jump rope versus the number 1 jump rope on this list it was found that 5X the calories were lost and 3X as much muscle was gained in just A WEEK! No matter your budget this list will help You decide what jump rope you should start using. 

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  1. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

This jump rope from Survival and Cross might just be your solution. It is designed specifically for professional use by MMA fighters, boxers, and other athletes who put in long hours of jumping rope to train for their sport. Lightweight, solid, and high-speed, this rope is perfect for you if you want a rope that can withstand long cardio and conditioning sessions without wearing out over time. It's a very cheap rope around $30 but the shipping time and quality is subpar say to the least.

 Check them out: Survival and Cross Jump Rope  



  1. King Athletic Jump Rope


If you're a vegan or don't support the killing of animals skip this one...

The King Athletic, are crafted specifically for durability and effectiveness in helping you build up your stamina, endurance, and speed that can help you develop core strength and muscle tone. It is formulated with high-quality leather and super-speed ball bearings to ensure smooth, fast rotation that will get you toned up in no time.

They do use leather ropes that are from cows and the handles are something you'd get from Walmart but good rope overall.


Currently unavailable 

  1. DEGOL Tangle-Free Jump Rope

This rope is a high seller on Amazon, and for good reason. It has a unique ball bearing system that helps you avoid twisting, winding or bending of the rope. And it's built to last, made up of a braided steel wire rope that is coated with PVC, so it can handle wear-and-tear if you bring it outside. 

The handles are wrapped in memory foam for optimal grip and comfort. I personally don't like how large the handles are, but to each his own.


Check them out: DEGOL Tangle-Free Jump Rope 


  1. Rike Gear Premium Speed Jump Rope

Made in the USA, this adjustable 9 foot jump rope comes with unique wooden handles for a slip-free grip. And those handles are uniquely attached to the rope with free flowing fittings to prevent knots and a smooth momentum. It also comes in 4 different color combinations of orange and black, and also includes a compact velvet carrying pouch for easy transport.

After using it for 4 weeks I can say that it is an interesting design but there is nothing about this jump rope that can justify the high price. 

 Check them out: Rike Gear Premium Speed Jump Rope

        6.Elevate Jump Ropes

The Elevate jump rope is simple yet smooth. If you're looking for something cheap and basic this is your best bet. No remarkable features, just a nice jump rope. The price is very low too and it comes in 8 colours. 

Something I would get for my little kid who is just looking to have some fun(in fact that's exactly what I did). 

 Check them out:


  1. Kinzi Jump Rope

High-quality is the perfect word to describe this Kinzi jump rope: it is crafted from special German milled steel cabling with a PVC coating that allows you to jump at very high speeds without experiencing friction. The rope also has a lifetime warranty that allows you to get your money back or receive a replacement product if yours does not live up to its durability claim..I quickly found that it didn't. 

 Check them out: Kinzi™ Jump Rope 

  1. Rushathletics Jump Rope

Again not too much to say about Honor Athletics , another solid cheap jump rope. This is the only jump rope on this list i’ve never bothered to buy and try, but my husband has. He said “they are solid and get the job done”, but he gave up on jump rope after 2 weeks so take that with a grain of salt.


 Check the out: HONOR ATHLETICS Speed Rope, Skipping Rope  

  1. Crossrope

If that popular kid that everyone used to talk about in high school was a jump rope, they would be Crossrope.

You've probably seen them around if you’ve been around the jump rope community with their signature green and white color. They are great high quality jump ropes, I have no complaints around the actual ropes themselves. The price is a whopping $120 USD for their CHEAPEST rope....that’s not even including shipping costs. 

They would be higher up if it wasn't for the many, many, MANY, claims of bad customer service I've seen and been told about. 

Just like the popular kid from school, this jump rope gets its hype more from its looks and presentation more than its actual substance. 


Check them out: Crossrope Set


  1. Core Cardio Fitness Equipment Jump Rope

If you’re an experienced jump roper, you can probably pinpoint one of the most annoying jump rope challenges: tangled rope. No matter how carefully you try to store them, many jump ropes just have a tendency to tangle up in knots that take time you don’t have to untangle when you want to use your rope.

Say goodbye to tangles and knots with this special cable jump rope from Core Cardio Fitness Equipment that is completely resistant to any kinking. The smooth, thin cable with ball bearing handles allows you to spin the rope smoothly at a high speed without worrying about tangles during use or storage. Great for all level and ages 


Currently Unavailable 




  1. Luxury Ropes

In all of my 20+ years of jump rope experience I have never found a jump rope as perfect as this. Where should I even begin, first let's start with design. As you can probably see for yourself, these jump ropes look unlike all the other ropes jump on this list. They have a truly remarkable design and look, this picture here doesn't do them justice, you must see them in person to really get a feel of how amazing they look and feel. They have a patented auto adjust and auto locking system that is a LIFESAVER! 

In all my years of jump rope a common problem with jump ropes have been making sure that they are the proper size, because once you cut the rope to make them shorter then there's no going back. Not anymore with Luxury Ropes. You simply push the rope through the handle to make it shorter or pull it out to make it longer, this smooth and easy adjustment feature plus its high quality is the reason why I put Luxury Ropes number 1 above all other jump ropes out there. 

They really do live up to that name luxury! 

Lucky for you after I email them (I kinda had to beg a little) they’ve given me a code that I can share with you all to get 15% off ON ALL their Jump ropes! 

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To cap things off, jump rope has and will always be an important part of my life and I hope that you also start too! As a doctor myself I’ve seen many people come in with health problems and I always recommend jump rope because it's fun and easy to get into. I hope this list made it easier for you to decide what rope to get.

Keep Jumping!

Dr. Jane Roberts