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We Solved The #1 Jump Rope Problem In The World FOR YOU! ......And Then We Patented It

With our innovative auto length adjustment handles there is no more need to worry about if your jump rope is the right size for you. Simply push or pull the rope through the handles and like magic, it will auto lock in place.... so you can put the scissors away.

Our Long And Great Story

The Search For Greatness!

We were tired of cheap ropes!

We were tired of of cheap handles!

We asked ourselves why can't we combine luxury with high quality fitness? After years of searching for elegant but also durable materials we finally built Luxury Ropes. With the help of doctors and world professional jump ropers we were able to give the world what was needed! Our vision is to give you real quality in every workout. Because you deserve luxury in every jump!

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We re-invented the jump rope to give it a more professional and exquisite look and feel in order to make you instantly stand out from the crowd. With user-generated colors and grade A materials we brought durability and beauty together. 

Provide Your Body With Excellence

From inception to the finished product, every inch of our revolutionary Jump Ropes have been tailored to perfection with one single thought in mind: "LUXURY"


"The Perfect Jump Rope"

"Decided to invest in my body and I never looked back once, i've used a lot of jump ropes before but this one is the absoulte perfect jump rope!"

Andrew Bouury

"Forever Changed My Life"

"I'm so happy I finally got a pair of Luxury Ropes I don't know why I didn't buy these sooner. Luxury Ropes forever changed my life"

Jessica Donald

"Exactly What I Needed In My Life"

"Ever since this quaurtine started I got super lazy and put on a ton of weight. The gyms were closed so I had no way to get fit again until I found Luxury Ropes, their jump rope were exactly what I needed in mu life"

Mike Kahnn

"Get Yourself A Pair Right Away"

"My friend recommended Luxury Ropes to me and I was wondering what a jump rope could possibly do for me health. After 2 weeks of using them I can say that they are the best dollars I've ever spent get yourself a pair right away you won't regret it"

Danny Vamous



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this jump rope set right for me?

Jump rope is one of most efficient ways to burn hundreds of calories an hour and has very few barriers to entry. You don’t need to sign up to a gym membership, join a local sports team or purchase expensive equipment. All you need is a pair of Luxury Ropes.

Will the rope be the right size for me?

Our ropes are 3 feet long so no matter how tall you are they will be perfect for you. Since our jump rope handles come with auto adjustment technology the rope length can become longer or shorter in seconds.

What Is The Luxury Ropes System?

Luxury Ropes is a unique jump rope fitness experience designed to give you a fun and effective workout in under 30 minutes, anywhere. Our auto locking and auto adjustment system our ropes allow you to easily and quickly change the length of your rope in seconds without any hassle. And with our interchangele weights in the handles it'll give you a more versatile full-body workout. 

What if I need new ropes?

New ropes can quickly and easily be purchased on our store. Or with the NEW Luxury Ropes subscription service you will get 5 Free ropes sent to your house every month! So you never have to worry about new ropes again!

Need New Ropes? No Problem!

With the BRAND NEW Luxury Ropes subscription service never worry about needing a new rope again! 5 new ropes will be shipped to your door every single month. Free shipping included. Sign up below to reverse a limited spot. PLUS every member will get access to exclusive content.